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Mende 5th century BC.<br> Dionysos with Kantharos<br> this sale Mende 5th century BC.
Dionysos with Kantharos
this sale
Cologne<br> The three Wise Men<br>Double Taler<br> this sale Cologne
The three Wise Men
Double Taler
this sale
Breisach <br>Satirical Taler <br>this sale Breisach
Satirical Taler
this sale
Larisa 4th century BC.<br> this sale Larisa 4th century BC.
this sale
Freiburg Gold ducat 1717 this sale Freiburg Gold ducat 1717 this sale
Port of Ostia<br> Rome Nero Sestertius <br>this sale Port of Ostia
Rome Nero Sestertius
this sale


to our 49th auction sale
Featuring outstanding coins and medals
from ancient to modern times

Thursday and friday november 10th & 11th 2016
(initially prevailed for August, 25./26. 2016)
in Freiburg im Breisgau

Volker Kricheldorf

From an old collection

  • Ancient Greek Coins
  • Roman Sestertii 1st. and 2nd. cent.
  • World Rarities
  • Collection of German States Talers
  • Collection Rhineland and Cologne
  • German Kaiserreich superb quality

Excellent condition
Notable provenance
Detailed descriptions
with background information

Free printed full colour catalogue
hardbound, with our compliments
(while stock lasts)

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