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Picture credits: Minneapolis Institute of Arts, USA / The William Hood Dunwoody Fund / Bridgeman Images.


to our 49th auction sale (traditional)
Outstanding coins and medals from ancient to modern times

Monday and Tuesday February 20th and 21st 2017 in Freiburg Germany

Note to our international Customers:
For this auction we provide german descriptions only. Furthermore many parts of the website given are in german only. We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on it, so we will be able to deliver our services fully translated into english in the future.

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Ab Freitag den 17.02.2017 um 22 Uhr akzeptieren wir Gebote nur noch per FAX (+49 761 709670), EMail ( oder Telefon (Die Nummern entnehmen Sie bitte der Auktionsinformationsseite). Ab diesem Zeitpunkt wird es keine Möglichkeit mehr geben über das Internet zu bieten.
Wir können die Ausführung von Geboten welche nach Sonntag den 19.02.2017 um 18 Uhr abgegeben werden, nicht garantieren.

From friday the 17th of february 2017 at 10pm bids will only be accepted by FAX (+49 761 709670), EMail ( or telephone (please see the auction information page for numbers). No internet bidding will be available from this moment on.
We can not guarantee the execution of any bids submitted after sunday the 19th of februaray 2017 at 6pm.

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